What is difference of DMZ Bar-Restaurant from 1994 to 2017?

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DMZ Bar at beginning is a small pub at the corner of Le Loi and Pham Ngu Lao Street. Until now after 23 year DMZ bar has become a famous place for all tourists come to Hue from all over the world.

DMZ is standed for “Demilitarized Zone”, a zone with no military, no war after Geneve agreement 1954 Vietnam had divide into 2 part, the north and the south, Ben Hai river in Quang Tri as a border.

In 2008, We officially open DMZ Tourist Company with Slogan DMZ – never stop thinking, we all try our best to give the guest the best care when come and join with us.


In 2016 DMZ Bar has a big change, we expand our construction, facilities with special architecture, which makes DMZ become unique and attract to a lot of guests day by day, it’s suitable with the name DMZ.

The first floor is a bar with full of food, drinks, nice music. Live movies, sport channel such as football, basketball, golf… All in one at DMZ bar you can find whatever you want at center of western town.

Second floor is a restaurant with capacity of 120 guests, this quiet place to welcome group, company when the having lunch, dinner or party here.

Third floor is a sky garden with very nice view facing the Perfume river, it is very romantic place where you can drink listen to the music, enjoy your live.

We also have a private Karaoke room for guest who love singing, pool table and variety of games here you can meet your friend at party, birthday…

DMZ Restaurant serves Asian and Western food as well as the traditional dishes of Hue, Vietnam. It is a menu with special, diversified Asian and European food which always provides new seasonal dishes.

We are always committed to providing the best quality services and innovations to suit the needs and tastes of customers. We work closely with tour operators in order to please and accommodate our customers.


The Brand “DMZ Bar- Restaurant” has grown to a truly multimedia operation. The Director and all of employees have successfully worked to remain essential value until now. We have always set out variety kind of Cocktails, Mocktails, Smoothies, World beer, local beer, etc. We stock an array of wines from France, Chile, Australia and Italy as well as local wines serve for all customers all over the world. We proud of the destination for entertainment with pool table, different games, service at Hue city. By moto “Never stop thinking!”, we didn’t stop there!

DMZ Bar- Restaurant wish to express our sincere appreciation to our loyal customers also unbelievable amount of support and enthusiasm from our surrounding community during Twenty third years… When you visit the DMZ restaurant, you will be served well by all our polite, enthusiastic and professional staff. It is clear that, we could not define our employees for their positive supports as we celebrate our twenty third years in business.

To show thanks, we offer a lot of promotion programs in this period of time. Especially,

  • BUY 4 GET 2 FREE TEQUILA SHOT From 7pm-12pm on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday.(29/09- 01/10)

tequila web dmz

  • FLASH SALES: BUY 1 GET 1 SELECTED COCKTAIL From 8pm-9pm (29/09- 01/10)


  • SUPER SAVE COMBO. Including:

Combo 1: 299.000VNĐ for 4 pax


  • 2 SPY
  • Vongole Cappuchino (Nghêu đút lò)
  • Nicoise Salad (Salad cá ngừ)
  • Pork Ribs BBQ (Sườn nướng sốt BBQ)
  • Pizza DMZ (20cm)

Combo 2:  249.000 VNĐ for 3 pax

  • 3 beer Turborg
  • Cube Beef (Bò lúc lắc)
  • French Fried (Khoai tây chiên)
  • Grilled German Sausage (Xúc xích Đức nướng)



Congratulation to DMZ Bar-Restaurant for 23 years of remarkable growth – growth in membership, vision, effectiveness and credibility.

DMZ Group

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