Joining Couchsurfing meetup at DMZ Bar to speak English

Couchsurfing.com is a famous website that people all over the world can easily make contact with each other and stay at a stranger’s home cost free. Nowadays, there are many human beings that love to travel using this method. Couchsurfing meetups are the best way that the couchsurfer can easily connect with the locals and explore the culture, history, places to eat, drink, things to see so on and so forth. In Hue, these meetups havealways actracted many local people who want to join in so they can have the opportunity to improve their English speaking skills. At DMZ Bar, we are a place for expats, foreigners and plenty of local Hue people and are proud to say that we are the host of these types activities.

We boast a Sky Bar at DMZ. This is one of the most ideal places. With a large open space, it is a comfortable place for everybody to come together to talk and share their knowledge, experiences and memories. These meet up lasts more than 2 hours and will have 32 atendees from Europe, America and Vietnam. There will be plenty of fun and simple games to play, a whole lot of talking and mass amounts of smiles.

The next couchsurfing meetups will be held next Thursday, November 10th, from 7pm to 9pm but typically last longer for those that want to stay around. You can contact Ms. Kim Tuyen or DMZ Bar in order to join in.

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