The DMZ Joint Stock Company is located in the heart of the touristic area of Hue city. The DMZ Bar and the DMZ TIC (DMZ Tourist Information Center) are located on the corner of Le Loi and Pham Ngu Lao street (60, LeLoi).  Little Italy is located at 10. Nguyen Thai Hoc Street. The DMZ Hotel is located at 21 Doi Cung Street. The DMZ Corporation is a respectable member of the tourism industry that attracts travelers from all around the globe.

The DMZ Corporation found its beginings in 2002 with the Little Italy Restaurant, being the first Italian Restaurant in Hue City.  The Little Italy restaurant offers a friendly and hospitable staff that is always willing to do whatever it takes to cater to their guests needs. Little Italy offers an elegant interior design with bamboo decorations fulfilling traveler’s expectations.

Little Italy

Little Italy Restaurant – 10 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hue city

The DMZ Bar was the second addition to the DMZ Joint Stock Company. Opened in 1994 the DMZ Bar has seen guests from all over the world. In 2004 the DMZ Bar changed ownership to the current owner, Mr. Phuong Le Xuan. The DMZ Bar also offers the late night bar seen being one of the very few places in Hue that stays open until the last guest leaves. The Bar has a variety of services and features to help tourists and gives a unique appeal to the bar. Just a couple of these features are 2 free pool tables, a karaoke/function room, free Wi-Fi throughout the building and a Tourist Information Support Center that offers a currency exchange.


DMZ Bar – 60 Le Loi str, Hue city, Vietnam

DMZ TIC (DMZ Tourist Information Center) is located on the first floor of the DMZ Bar with the main objective to assist local and international visitors and to promote quality destinations and services throughout Vietnam.

It was established in 2008 by the current owner today who has grown DMZ Tourist Joint Stock Company into one of the most accomplished in the industry. Le Xuan Phuong is a simple and open minded man who has made many accomplishments by the age of 33.

Phuong was born in a poor, minute and remote village located in Quang Tri Province. After he grew up and ventured off to Hue University of Foreign Languages, he then began his quest for life with empty hands. Since 1996 during his time at Hue University, Phuong met travelers as a receptionist and as a tour guide.
After he graduated, he worked for a state company and in 2002 he decided to pursue his dream in the tourism industry. He learnt a lot about businesses and the tourism industry through self teachings. He gained much experience while working and developed his corporation. Phuong was highly successful in all aspects of his businesses. There are many more ideas Phuong is looking to implement in his ever developing corporation. His family, friends and business partners are constantly supporting him in his new ideas to accomplish his dreams. Phuong not only looks to help develop tourism in Hue city or Quang Tri but also Vietnam-a beautiful country that is so abundant with culture.

On September 9th, 2008, the DMZ Tourist Joint Stock Company officially inaugurated in an effort to increase present services as well as create new tourism services that are available locally, nationally, and internationally. Also mobilizing shares and capital of cooperative members to continuously promote the development of Vietnam’s tourism industry is another goal of the DMZ Tourist Joint Stock Company.

In April 2010, the DMZ Hotel opened, located at 21 Doi Cung st., at the heart of Hue city. The hotel is located near many entertainment spots, shopping centers, food courts, and late night bars making it extremely convenient to anyone staying there. The hotel is a great addition to the DMZ Joint Stock Company which further increases the availability of luxury and relaxation to tourists coming to Hue city.

DMZ Hotel

DMZ Hotel – 21 Doi Cung, Hue city


Address: 21 Doi Cung St, Hue City, VietNam – 10 Nguyen Thai Hoc St, Hue City, Vietnam
Phone: +84 2343 893 555 – Hotline: 081.688.1052 or 0905 477 255
Email: info@dmz.com.vn