Celebrating the 25-year Anniversary of DMZ Bar (1994 – 2019)

The story of #dmz25

DMZ Bar – the eldest brother in the chain of businesses of DMZ Tourist Joint Stock Company (DMZ Group) – was established in 1994, and during the 25 years of development, it has witnessed the appearance of surrounding brands of DMZ Group: Little Italy Restaurant (2002), DMZ Hotel (2009), DMZ Hostel (2017), DMZ Spa (2018), and DMZ Store (2019). Each facility represents a specific service in tourism – service development, and DMZ Bar has a central geographic position and plays a strategic role in the overall development mission of the whole company

Tourists from Marid, Spain – who have traveled more than 120 cities around the world – share their impressions on TripAdvisor after experiencing services at DMZ Bar in July 2019 as follows: “DMZ Bar is always changing, most recently, the impressive space on the 2nd and 3rd floor simulates DMZ trophy. Not only new design architecture, the menu at DMZ Bar is complemented by many Vietnamese specialties, delicious European dishes and a wide selection of vegetarian cuisine for the tourists. DMZ Bar is a really bustling place, and you will be satisfied with the service here”. Customer’s share is the acknowledgment, the motivation for DMZ Bar brand to innovate and keep up with global tourism trends, both to be preserved and promoted the business values obtained during the last 25 years!

The symbol # dmz25 is a milestone for DMZ Group to give the story of 25 years of DMZ Bar (1994-2019) for domestic and international tourists to share the best memories with the brand. # dmz25 is also the inspiration for DMZ Group to summarize the 25 most impressive numbers of the enterprise, these numbers replace the words to give the most vivid image of DMZ brand throughout the past, from human, products, services to reputable achievements, social activities or events in Hue.

Brand development is synonymous with sustainable development of the relationship between brand and society, between business strategy and activities related to enterprise social responsibility. That sustainability in the series of # dmz25 welcome events has been clearly shown in 2019:

The DMZ brand accompanying the Hue International Hot Air Balloon Festival in April 2019 within the framework of Hue Traditional Craft Festival is a typical example in the journey to connect enterprises to create a beneficial tourism – sports experience space for the community;

The “Green in the eyes of children” program coordinating with the Thank you, Huong River Club and the Green Lotus Fund of Thua Thien Hue Newspaper in May 5, 2019 is an activity aimed at the environment and voluntary work associated with the DMZ brand in the past and projects implemented in the future;

The launch of the “Eureka America” book in July 2019 at DMZ Bar by author Phan Quoc Vinh – who puts together the first bricks for the birth of DMZ Group (2009) – is a small contribution but meaningful for reading culture in Hue. “Eureka America” promoting the brand of DMZ flying farther through each word, bringing the DMZ brand closer to people through stories of a Vietnamese life abroad.

Not stopping at a lot of cultural, sports, environmental & social activities, DMZ Tourist Joint Stock Company is also one of the pioneering units in the locality applying many information technology applications into the process of managing jobs, managing business services (bar, restaurant, hotel) since the early 2000s. Therefore, # dmz25 represents the pride of the brand in the process of integration with era 4.0.

The “Hue experience with # dmz25” photo contest for the young generation in Vietnam launched by DMZ Group in August 2019 promises to be the most meaningful gift that the group gives DMZ Bar before the 25-year anniversary of this first bar in Hue!


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